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How a great 250-word essay should look? A simple guide

250 words were considered a standard for writing different types of academic texts. This is an optimal word number to cover up the topic without being prolix. Students have to deal with writing this essay type daily. Hence, the ability to create a good essay is crucial. Do you fear to fail at writing? Aren't you sure what stage to start with? Do you want to save time and create something decent from the first attempt? It may seem challenging at first, but let’s try to receive a high mark with the help of the following guide, made by

A in ideal essay structure - your key to success

To express your ideas clearly, logically, we need to follow a set essay structure. According to, the ideal 250-word essay should consist of:

  • introduction
  • body paragraphs
  • conclusion.

You should write to each of these parts, including simple sentences. Try to organize your essay in such a way, so that each sentence had a certain aim. All of the parts are important, and you shouldn't omit them. But each of them has peculiarities, let’s have a closer step-by-step look at writing a 250-word essay according to this structure.

Make a thesis

This is the first and crucial step towards an excellent essay. Write a thesis and define a few main ideas. Now, this is the backbone of your text you should stick to. The thesis will be represented in the introduction and conclusion, and ideas will be included in the body paragraphs. Pay attention to the ideas that support the thesis and demonstrate its different aspects. Remember, the thesis and ideas should be brief as well as meaningful. Make sure each of them represents an important part of the whole topic.

Create an introduction

This is the most important part, as a good introduction is key to success. The optimal word count for an intro is not more than 50-60 words. It means 3-4 short sentences need to be included. This part should represent what issue the essay deals with. The most important are the first and the last sentences of this part. The opening sentence should catch attention and encourage further reading. You may include the thesis into the last sentence of the introduction.

Formulate the body paragraphs

Do you remember the ideas you’ve drafted before writing? Use them as the main points of body paragraphs. This essay part aims at giving a closer look at the thesis and supporting it. In such a short essay, there should be 1-3, supportive paragraphs. Make sure all of them are of approximately the same size. Each body paragraph should include:

  • the first statement with an argument reflected in the main thesis
  • 2-3 sentences proving the argument

The paragraphs should be logically placed. All the paragraphs should be linked with transition words to make the text look coherent and logical. Don’t avoid using them because they influence the perception of the whole text.

Write a conclusion

The summarizing paragraph should give an outline of the whole text. The word count should comprise not more than 60 words. In the first few sentences, you should summarize the paper, but avoid writing too many words, concentrate on a single issue. In the last sentences, it is essential to include a rephrased thesis statement. It will make the text look completed, and the posed question will be answered.

Proofread the essay

Finishing the essay is not the end of the process. Checking it for mistakes, and adding adjustments also plays a crucial role. While proofreading the essay, you should pay attention to all kinds of mistakes: grammatical, syntactical, and stylistic. One more essential thing is to take a look at how the text looks on the whole. It should be engaging, easy to read, well-organized. And the main thing is to see if it exhaustively covers the posed question. Remember, that proofreading means correcting some mistakes and making a couple of touch-ups, but not rewriting the whole text. recommends checking these things out to write an outstanding essay:

  • The essay consists of all the components
  • The introduction looks engaging
  • All the parts are linked with transition words
  • One paragraph covers up only one idea
  • Each argument is supported by a couple of sentences
  • The conclusion demonstrates the connection between the arguments mentioned in the body paragraphs
  • Conclusion refers to and includes the thesis statement
  • There are no new ideas in the conclusion
  • The text looks completed and well-organized

As the experience shows, using these hints while writing boosts the quality of the essay. Rely on these pieces of advice, and bring your essay writing skills to a higher level:

  • Create the first draft at once. This piece of advice may sound strange, but it makes your language and text structure flowing. If you write your thesis and single out your ideas at once, you have more chances to deliver them. Don t interrupt the process of drafting, as it could influence the whole text.
  • Don’t be afraid not to reach the word count. If you are confident you have opened up the issue, it is okay to have fewer words. Remember, quantity is above quality.
  • Editing your text too many times may misrepresent the main ideas. Of course, it is okay to add some adjustments, but not to overedit. Take a break and return to editing with fresh eyes. Remember, the aim of editing is to slightly adjust some details, but not to rewrite the whole text.
  • Follow a model essay. There are lots of free essays available on the Internet. It allows you to see what the structure should look like and how to divide the ideas between the essay constituents.
  • Practice makes perfect. The more essays you practice writing every day, the more skilled writer you become. At first, it can be difficult for a student to write an outstanding essay, but as soon as you cut teeth on it, it will become a piece of cake.


Some questions we haven’t answered can occur during the writing process. would like to answer them.

We can’t answer exactly; you should take into account your experience, writing skills, essay topic, etc. Normally, if you are going to create an essay for an easy topic, it can take an hour. Writing a good essay for a more complicated one might take a couple of hours. If you use tips above, you will not only save time but significantly improve the quality.

Of course, it depends on many factors. In case you aim at using brief sentences, which relate to the topic, the essay should consist of 25-30 sentences. Do not pay attention to the whole number; pay attention to how they are divided into the essay parts. Make sure, both the introduction and conclusion are not wordy, and the main part is represented in the paragraphs.

The word count is only an approximate amount. Surely, you may write a few more or fewer words without fear to fail. In general, having 250 words as guidance, it is acceptable to write more than 200 and less than 300 words. So, don’t pay attention to the word count, pay attention to their meaningfulness.

It is not necessary to do it manually. You can find some Internet tools, which aim at counting the number of words.

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